The chronology section of the site is divided into five parts: "Youth / Training / Teaching"; "The Automatist Years"; "New York"; "Paris" and "Posthumous Tribute". The overlapping of certain activities by Borduas (for example his years of teaching alongside his continuing artistic practice) makes this categorization by period necessary.

     This presentation offers several types of information: references to his personal, academic, professorial, and artistic life, and the notation of certain events outside of his career.

     This chronology was made possible thanks mainly to the works of the following authors: Bernard Teyssèdre (1), Laurier Lacroix (2), Nicole Boily (3), Françoise Le Gris (4), François-Marc Gagnon (5) André-G. Bourassa, Jean Fisette and Gilles Lapointe (6). Whenever there is conflicting information between the quoted sources, we have indicated it. Furthermore, on problematic issues, we do refer either to the documents of the official institutional archives or to those in the Borduas archives (7). The complete bibliographical references will appear in the "Bibliography" section of the catalogue raisonné.

     Finally, for all our efforts this chronology remains incomplete. However, we believe that the significant amount and nature of the material this site contains constitute an important reference source for students, researchers, scholars, and those with an interest in the life of Paul-Émile Borduas.

Louise Dupont-Tanguay, researcher.

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