Youth 1934-1940

Youth / Training / Teaching: 1934 - 1940


June 11

Marries Gabrielle Goyette at Notre-Dame Church in Granby. The couple moves to 953 Napoléon Street in Montreal (Écrits I, p. 28).


It is likely that Borduas exhibited his Saint Jean, 1935 during an exhibition of the work of drawing professors employed by the Commission des écoles Catholiques de Montréal organized by Roméo Gagnon; Gagnon would have introduced him to Maurice Gagnon, recently returned from studies in Europe (Gagnon, 1978, p. 61).


December 26
Birth of his daughter Janine (Écrits I, p. 28).


June 27 - July 1
Writes Composition décorative (Écrits I, p.28).

Borduas and Carmel Brouillard help out at the 2nd Congrès de la langue française (French Language Congress) organized by the Société du parler français au Canada in Québec City. Meets Jean Bruchési during this trip to Quebec City (Écrits I, p. 28-29).

July 10

Seeks, through Jean Bruchési, a position as professor at the Art College of Quebec (Écrits I, p. 29).

July 24

Vacations at Saint-Joachim-de-Courval (Écrits I, p. 29).


La Revue moderne publishes the first article dedicated to the subject of Paul-Emile Borduas, signed by Maurice Gagnon (Boily, 1972, p. 314).

September 9

Hired by Jean-Marie Gauvreau, Borduas teaches drawing and decoration at the École du meuble (Écrits I, p. 29).

October 12
Offers a painting, Saint Jean, 1935, to Jean Bruchési (Écrits I, p. 29).


March 17 - April 10

Participates at the 55th Salon du printemps de la Art Association of Montreal (Spring Exhibition of the Art Association of Montreal), where he meets John Lyman (Écrits I, p. 29; Gagnon, 1988, p. 470). We find under number 12 in the catalogue, Adolescente, 1937. If it seems as if we have thought, based on the testimonies of Lyman and De Tonnancour, that it was Matin de printemps or La Rue Mentana, 1937, that was exhibited (Gagnon, on 1978, p. 471), a recent article by F M. Gagnon explains the reasons which generated this misconstruing. (See Choice Matters: Key Works from Art Gallery of Hamilton, in the process of being printed).

June 15 - September 15

Participates as commissioner, with Jean-Marie Gauvreau and Albert Tessier, at an inquiry on crafts and tourism in the regions of Gaspésie and the Bas-du-Fleuve (Écrits I, p. 29).

Moves to 983 Napoléon Street (Écrits I, p. 29).


January 15

Permanent professor et the École du meuble (Écrits I, p. 29).

February 10

Member of the jury meeting at the New Law Court of Montreal to designate the prize-winners of a binding competition (Écrits I, p. 29).

February 15

Founds, with John Lyman and Robert Élie, the Contemporary Arts Society (C.A.S.). He is vice-president of the society (Écrits I, p. 29).

April 7

Birth of his daughter Renée (Écrits I, p. 29).

June 12

Resigns from his position has professor at the CECM (Écrits I, p. 29).

June 15 - September 15

Works with Maurice Gagnon in taking an inventory of works of art in the northwest region of Montreal, in the peninsula of Vaudreuil, in the region situated in the South of Montreal, and on the West of the Richelieu River. Professor of drawing for children, new lessons offered on Saturdays at the École du meuble (Écrits I, p. 29).

December 15 - 30

Participates in the Contemporary Arts Society Exhibition of Paintings by Members, the first annual exhibition of the members of the C.A.S held at the Frank Steven gallery of Montreal (Écrits I, p. 30); Borduas shows Paysage (193?). For a long time it was thought that the work shown was likely Matin de printemps from 1937 (Gagnon 1978, p. 471; 1988, p. 470), but in a recent article F.-M. Gagnon explains that the retrospective of 1962 was the first time the painting appeared in a public exhibition (See F.-M. Gagnon, Choice Matters: Key Works from art Gallery of Hamilton in the process of being printed).



Arrival of Father Marie-Alain Couturier in Montreal (Écrits I, p. 30).


Pellan returns from Paris and settles in Montreal ( Écrits I, p. 30).

July 16

Birth of his son Paul (Écrits I, p. 30).

November 22 - December 15

Participates at the Art of Our Day in Canada / L'Art d'aujourd'hui au Canada exhibition, organised by the C.A.S. at the Art Association of Montreal. (Gagnon, 1978, p. 472; 1988, p. 470; Écrits I, p. 30). Borduas exhibits:

  • Portrait, (19??)
  • Portrait de fillette, 1940
  • Bain de soleil, 1940
November 24 - December 1

Takes part in the Salon du livre canadien (Canadian Book Fair), at the École Technique de Montréal (Gagnon, 1978, p. 473; Écrits I, p. 30). Borduas exhibits:

  • Portrait de Maurice Gagnon, 1937
  • Paysage (probablement Parc Lafontaine de 1941)
  • Tête de fillette, 1940
December 10

At the École du meuble, Borduas is part to a project to initiate a studio for religious art, which will fall under the direction of Father Couturier