1953 in New York

New York: 1953

    Borduas leaves Canada in April 1953 and stays in Provincetown, Massachusetts, before settling in New York during the fall. His works circulate more, locally and abroad. This being, in January 1954 he presents an eponym exhibition at the Passedoit Gallery of New York and in April at the Hendler gallery of Philadelphia, whereas in the summer, he is at the XXVII e Venice biennale. In October of the same year, at Agnès Lefort, En route! regroups seventeen oil and six ink works by Borduas. After a first tribute to Ozias Leduc, signed by Borduas in Canadian Art (1) in 1953, a second testimony appears this time in the form of a letter to Gilles Corbeil published in a special number of Arts et pensées (2) dedicated to the master of Saint-Hilaire.

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