Youth / Training / Teaching: 1905 - 1929


November 1

Paul-Emile Borduas is born in Saint-Hilaire-sur-Richelieu to Magloire Borduas and Éva Perrault (correct a typographic error in Gagnon 1978, p. 3, where we should read « 1905 »; Écrits I, p. 23)

November 5

Baptism of Paul-Émile in Saint-Hilaire-sur-Richelieu (Écrits I, p. 23).


April 13

Birth of Gabrielle Goyette, who will become his wife (Écrits I, p. 23).

1912 - 1921

Studies at the Saint-Hilaire primary school; takes private French lessons (Écrits I, p. 24).


Studies drawing, painting and art history with Ozias Leduc. Travels to Sherbrooke on June 19th and works under Leduc’s supervision in the decoration of the Chapelle privée de l'évêque de Sherbrooke (Private chapel of the Bishop of Sherbrooke) (Ozias Leduc’s diary, Le Gris, p. 100). In the evenings, Borduas takes drawing lessons at the École des arts et métiers de Sherbrooke (Écrits I, p. 24). It is there that the young Borduas will receive his first medal as he writes in his Biographic Notes in 1949: "1922-1923: Evening course École des arts et métiers de Sherbrooke (first prize in drawing)," (Le Gris, p. 102-103).

According to Borduas’ employee time sheets kept by Leduc, the young artist works from June 19th 1922 till March 31st 1923, at an average of 54 hours per week. (The exception was the Christmas holidays, from December 21st 1922 till January 9th 1923.) Borduas works on average 9 hours per day 6 days per week. Moreover, during their stay in Sherbrooke, evenings and Sundays are occupied by painting lessons given by Leduc to his apprentice; this is noted several times in Ozias Leduc’s diary (See in August 6th, October 15th and 29th, November 1st and November 12th, January 14th), (Le Gris, p. 101-102).


March 31

Leaves Sherbrooke ( Écrits I, p. 24).

November 15

Registers as regular student at the École des beaux-arts de Montréal. During his studies he lives with his Aunt Choquette who lives in the Hochelaga Convent (Écrits I, p. 24).


Beginning of February

Is suspended from the École des beaux-arts for a period of 3 days (Écrits I, p. 24).

May 23

Announcement of awards; student exhibition from May 4th to the 30th at the École des beaux-arts de Montréal (Écrits I, p. 24).

October 20

Arriving in Halifax, Ozias Leduc invites Borduas to coll